Where What Matters is What is Happening

My friend Toke Moeller was recorded in an interview last fall. The focus was on the question, “What is the link between the Art of Hosting and the Commons?” This 8-minute video speaks to some of that.

“Where what matters is what is happening” is one of Toke’s points that stood out to me. It is the question, the invitation, that many of us are asking. Earlier this week, for me it was facilitating a half day meeting and retreat for some county program leaders and administrators that wanted to build team trust and feel more of the same page together. I asked them, “What do you do around here that matters? In what way does your program (Green and Healthy Homes) make a difference?” I asked it of them differently, later in the retreat. “What are you really doing around here? What do you really care about?” It is a core question worth coming back to so as to get to the layers or response.

Toke is more than a friend. He is a mentor. He is a fellow human that I learn from and with often. He is a teacher. Three additional points from this video stood out to me, reminding me of the important questions I want to offer in workshops.

  • The purpose of meeting is to be more conscious together in our learning, and, more conscious of the learning pile that is available to us when we are together. This is different than when we are alone.
  • How we meet and what comes out of it is a key acupuncture point. The homerun of that is when the operating system shifts.
  • What we practice is what the future becomes.

Thank you Toke. 



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