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Tweets of Two Weeks

– Just completed AoH with Labour Educators. A gift to be part of such movements and with friends who are learning at edges.

– Great ride from Toronto to Port Elgin with Lynn (CLC) and Esther. Talking about “democracy deficit” and the case for organized labour.

– On my way to Port Elgin, Ontario to begin a week of work with Canadian Labour Congress. And I hope a piece of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

– Living this — We project meaning upon symbols, and in so doing, come to understand more of our inner condition that creates outer reality.

– Cafe Zinger Bowen AoH — Thomas Brackett on stretching: “What would it take for us to experience the chasm stretch of not-knowing as dance?”

– Cafe Zinger, Bowen Island — Chris Corrigan on emergence: “When everybody takes something that nobody came with.”

– People arriving on Bowen for AoH. Beginning tonight with a cafe on the stretch of today that makes it important for us to learn together.

– Headed to Seattle, then Bowen Island to host AoH. Feeling quite excited to see friends on the participant list. New learning here we come.

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