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Tweets of Two Weeks

Some of the journey shared through tweets of the last couple of weeks. I’m finding it quite helpful to tweet — a level of attending to life through expression of snippets. I’m also finding twitter a helpful way of staying in touch, with the life stream of people, events, news.

– School for Hackers — Perhaps all in new paradigms are hackers (

– On simplicity, from an NPR radio program on the ukulele: “An orchestra can tell you stories. But an ukulele tells the truth.” 🙂

– “@benjaminaaron: “queepening” = the process of deepening into a question through questions instead of seeking answers”

– Also readying for Art of Hosting in Arnprior, Ontario, near Ottawa ( Join us.

– Preparing for upcoming work with labour educators in the Canadian Labour Congress (

– Just walked 2.5 miles on Heritage Trail. From a townhome I just agreed to buy, to the Shoreline Trail in the Uinta Forest. Still and quiet.

– Jackie Wright (Red Cross) on Art of Hosting: “the process enriched my personal and professional life and bring clarity to my path.”

– Meg Wheatley 3 minute video ( — “Life seeks order but uses messy processes to get there.” Yes!

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