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  • Fire & Water is a commitment that matches the scale of challenge before us these days. With @QuanitaLouise. Join us…
  • In support of an emerging healthy masculine -- Men in The Circle Way. Was glad to contribute these thoughts / invit…
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Tweets of the Weeks

  • This is a good read from Alice Walker in YES Magazine. On wonder and the places that scare you. 
  • There is an art to convening in faith communities. Skills. Important conversations. New narrative. Join us in Utah: 
  • Come to this year’s Bowen Island Art of Hosting: Participative Leadership and Social Collaboration. It’s Bowen! 
  • An utterly fantastic article on awakening the mind and soul, by John O’Donahue. Sit with this one. 
  •  Seeing Wicked with Zoe. Dad / Daughter date at SLC’s Capitol Theatre.
  •  Gladiolas that I planted this year. One of my Mom’s favorites when I was a young(er) boy.

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