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  • "We humans can choose identity — and set in motion irrepressible organizing around that choice of identity."
  • Without "check-in" it's hard for people to show up and be more attentive together — more distracted, less connected.
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Tweets of the Weeks

  • AoH Bettylynn to a participant: You are the whole package my friend. Live it rather than say it. Life speaks volumes through you.
  • Help The Berkana Institute (@berkanainst) share the stories of individuals and communities living the future now!
  • Utah friends / colleagues, will you be joining us 11/29 for this evening event with Meg Wheatley? Reg required.
  • On self-organization and offerings in living systems, from my friend Ann Pelo: “Ownership inspires different gestures than devotion.”
  • A poem I wrote, called New Story: Intended as voice for the deep work that many of us are trying to see.
  • Simple photos using Open Space as operating system in Occupy Vancouver:

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