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  • I'm excited about this -- and the way that participants from our previous class in February are still meeting. Four…
  • The Circle Way grounds and strengthens most of what I do these days in working with groups large and small. And I l…
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Tweets of the Week

  • Some of the hopeful shifts of 2010 from YES Magazine:
  • Quite liking this post from Dave Pollard on essential abilities and practices for a relocalized world:
  • Completely enjoyed this last night, Black Nativity at Seattle’s Moore Theatre. And friend in choir, Andy Himes:
  • Maria Scordiolus (Akladitsa), reflecting in our call yesterday: “The need for certainty squeezes out life and the fertility of uncertainty.”
  • Celebrating the day of my Grandmother’s birth — Lena Ross. Enjoying her poetry.
  • Solstice moon and eclipse from a hot tub last night – fantastic.

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