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  • I love it that this is happening -- Art of Hosting in Denver, Colorado, November 29 - December 1, 2018 with myself,…
  • Thanks @AmandaFenton, who has posted some thoughtful impressions, questions, and practice on welcoming humanness to…
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Tweets of the Week

  • Last day here before returning to Utah. Will reach 99 degrees F today.
  • #WOWO Frieze / Wheatley: “We can walk out alone, but we can only walk on in friendship.”
  • #WOWO: Our industrial age is one of imperfect and unequal relationships that privilege production and profit over learning and friendship.
  • Inspiring read from my Berkana family, Deborah Frieze and Margaret Wheatley. Great cause. Act today.
  • My son Elijah, six as of two days ago, hamming it up a bit at Laguna Beach.
  • RT @dfrieze: Two more days until the Walk Out Walk On bestseller campaign. Mark your calendars for April 13th:
  • Driving through Riverside, California on the way to Newport Beach. With parents and my kids for four days. Relishing all the grapefruit!
  • “I will not tame you. I will not be tamed.” Sarah Whiteley learning at Axlatditsa:

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