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Harvest — Hope Community Center

Last month I worked a couple of days with many of the lovely people from Hope Community Center in Apopka, Florida. Together with Teresa Posakony, we helped a group of 20 or so to further integrate their strategy for Service Learning, and to deepen how they work with community partners. There was learning. There was relationship building. There was rolling-up sleeves work. 

We also played, laughed, danced. They were a completely amazing group of women with a deep commitment to their community and some powerful learning about each other.

Here’s some of the harvest.

- Ann on Service Learning (5 minutes, 36 seconds)
- Maria, Mary, Laura, Teresa on Service Learning (8 minutes, 8 seconds)
- Playing Uno, Dos, Tres (38 seconds)
- Dancing Baricate (32 seconds)

Taggin' You in My Braggin' (dialogue poem)

- A few that turned out well

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Harvest — Hope Community Center

Thursday, January 6, 2011

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