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Still of Winter

It snowed a fair bit the last week in Utah. Some of it made driving a challenge, altering a few plans. Some of it added to the comfort of home, decorating and draping trees. Skies for much of it were winter gray-white, the kind that prevent the full dark of night from arriving. And some of those skies gave way to daytime sun and partial blues.

That snow is mostly cozy to me. Many memories of snow from my growing up years in Canada. Which is one of those times that I enjoy being momentarily returned to.

In all, I love the stillness that snow creates. Because I have boots and mittens and a good hat. And a home that keeps me warm enough. And because, I suppose, stillness, and all that comes with it, is so often missing in contemporary life and organizations. It’s one of those qualities that I know many of us are seeking to cultivate.

Here’s to what might decorate and drape us into stillness.


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