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So Many Layers of Yes

So many layers of yes indeed. For me.

  • Kayaking yesterday, at a reservoir twenty minutes from my home.
  • Having kayaks, to be able to do that with ease.
  • With friend.
  • Floating,
  • Billowy clouds.
  • Mountains and rolling hills.
  • Some emptiness.
  • How “being” is the sometimes the best and most needed kind of “doing.”
  • To feel some stretch and movement in my body.
  • To feel the cool splash of water on a 90+F day.
  • And a bunch more.

I continue to learn that there is another kind of still that is extremely helpful. In a world that so often dismisses the value of still and empty. That stillness really needs to be part of these many agendas we find ourselves in, to create added layers of yes. In us, and among us.



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