My favorite line about poetry is from Canadian Musician and Writer, Michael Jones. When we were working together at a leadership retreat he said something beautiful.

“Whenever science discovers something new,

poets were there one hundred years ago.”

Below are a small collection of some poems that I use, as well as a few that I wrote. I’m noticing that I’m starting to write more poetry again, enjoying the form. Except for the dialogue poems I write, many of which are included on this site, I often write in the tradition of my Grandmother, Lena Ross. She wrote in a format in which only the first line and the last line could be read. Or, read with all the others words in between. Very little punctuation.

Dobyns, Stephen
How To Like It (1987) — One that I’ve used in men’s work in particular.

Durham, Diana
Light Hearted (2009) — Our hearts as the framers of light. Beautiful

Lee, Li Young
From Blossoms (1986) — Sweet. Particularly for those of us who like to pick peaches.

Moeller, Toke
A Beautiful Rhythm It Is (2009) — Action together to make better what is not good enough any more…

Simply Listen (2009) — I love the invitation to hear what is in our hearts.

Oliver, Mary
The Summer Day (1992) — I love the last line / question as an invitation.

The Turtle (1992) — Doing what we are born to do.

P1050733Pohlmann, Monica
New Country (2009) — I love that Monica and I share a nationality. I love her artful words on growth, learning, and what we leave behind.

Simmering, John
Sunrise — A nice expression of “reality as choice,” something I’ve lived with forever. Thanks to Meg Wheatley for connecting.

Szymborska, Wislawa
A Note — The simplicity of life experiences, including the experience of “not knowing.”

Ungar, Lynn
Passover (2002) — Beautiful expressions of the journey. Thanks to Christy Lee-Engel for sending.

Woolf, Tenneson — See some of my poems here, included with other select articles and blog posts.