It is a principle for me to not work alone. Most of the time I am designing and facilitating with others. If not physically, definitely in consultation and imagination with them. I often tell people that if the work is mechanical facilitation and the group size is small enough, you can do that alone, but consider not doing it.

If the work is helping a group encounter itself

at deeper or more real levels in questions,

stories, unknowns, and plans,

do that with friends.

Below are people I consider friends and that I’m in, or have been in, colleagueship with. They are people that I love. There are a lot of them; it is quite gratifying for me to think of such close friends over the years. Their thinking and our experiences together have enriched so much of what I have learned to offer and be in service too. It is worth exploring their sites and getting to know them beyond my brief description. I think of these as people that are an easy phone call away from joining in a project.


People I Call First and Think With Often

Christina Baldwin, Ann Linnea — Whidbey Island, WA
( Christina and Ann are where I send people who want to practice beyond a first level of participative leadership. If you can get circle, you can get so much more from other processes and views. Christina and Ann are masters.

Chris Corrigan — Bowen Island, British ColumbiaChris
( Chris is another brother. Reads voraciously. Writes thoughtfully. Facilitates imaginatively
and generously. We’ve been down many paths together hosting leadership forums and trainings.


Caitlin Frost — Bowen Island, British Columbia
( One of Caitlin’s skills is as certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. Caitlin is really skilled and grounded in this. People flock to her after leadership events because of who she is, and often, because BK work is such a powerful and simple interior practice.

roq, robiRoq Gareau, Robi Gareau — Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia
( Roq is one of the smartest people I know. He is really good at design. Really clear. Can hold the simple within complexity. Has quiet, grounded, welcoming presence and expertise. Has a lot of experience in government and men’s retreats. Best road trip of my life came with Roq. Robi, Roq’s brother, is also a deep and thoughtful soul. They are creating something unique and important at CentreSpoke.


Glen Lauder — Wellington, New Zealand
( Glen has been a best friend over the last six years or so. He is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Does lots of work with Land and Water forum in NZ. Glen is one that inspires me to get to the heart of what we are up too.

Jeraldene Lovell — Dorset, England
( Jeraldene has such a wide range of talents to offer, including intuitive intelligence training (I would say needed for anyone working from a platform of emergence), graphic facilitation, and holistic counseling. Her ability to read people’s energy and offer it back with easy bridging is phenomenal.

Kinde Nebeker — Salt Lake City, Utah
( I love working with Kinde because we are similar enough to have an easy and imaginative coherence together, yet different enough to really compliment each other’s skills. Kinde and I have created “The Inner and Outer of Evolutionary Leadership” together, which is helping bridge the inner of personal presence and grounding with the outer of convening groups as an act of leadership.

TeresaTeresa Posakony — Seattle, WA
( Teresa is my partner in life. She has unique ability to see patterns, work with the subtle, and help shape that into coherent and strategic stories moving forward. We’ve worked all domains together including health care, family systems, financial planning, faith communities. She is offering great focus these days on working with large systems and deliberateness of working with emotions and healing.

Quanita Roberson — Cincinnati, Ohioquanita
( Quanita and I met a few years back at a writing retreat. We became immediate brother and sister with each other in regular calls and in creating and hosting QT, a set of assumptions and formats for being together in dialogue, ritual, questions, story, and play. Quanita reminds me of the possibility of deep, fun, and easy together.

Margaret Wheatley — Sundance, Utah
( Meg is really my oldest friend and mentor in this work. She is a voice that feels like home. Our friendship and colleagueship began in the early 90s. Her writings and her vision helped birth many inquiries and initiatives based on a living systems, self-organizing perspective.


Other Close Colleagues and Friends, People I Think of as Team

Tamara Azevedo — Sao Paulo, Brazil
( Tamara really inspires me. She has a clarity and a calmness that reminds me of the best that I have seen in hosting participative leadership.

Ria Baeck — Brussels, Belgium
I’ve met Ria in a few contexts now. She brings a kind of realness to the room that I so appreciate. Gifted with many levels of facilitation and inquiry including Women Moving the Edge, The Art of Hosting, and Constellations.

Morna Ballantyne — Ottawa, Ontario
( Morna is another person I met through early labor union work. She was managing director at the time with CUPE. She is a courageous leader and activist.Tom

Tom Brackett — New York, NY
( Tom does a lot of work in faith communities. He is an ordained minister in the Episcopal tradition. It was he who I first heard speak the term, “strategic mischief making.” I’ve loved him ever since.

Glen, TennesonGlen Brown — Salt Lake City, UT
( Glen is a local colleague for me. Together we have hosted trainings, workshops in support of participative leadership, and enjoyed great curry together. He is really a great thinking partner.

Juanita Brown, David Isaacs — Burnsville, NC
( Founders of The World Cafe, these are again two really inspiring people. They are both generous souls who helped make available not only a goto methodology that I use all of the time, but also an organic and important way of being in the world.

Patti Case, Lori Adams — Indianapolis, IN
( Patti, Lori and I met in 2007. Patti immediately recognized the power of participative approach and begun to imagine ways to bring The World Cafe to their leadership and General Assembly. These are inspired and thoughtful leaders in Christian faith communities.

Phil Cass — Columbus, OH
( Phil is part of a great story in Columbus, as CEO of a medical foundation, helping to shift so much to a hosting pattern. He is a generous host, a very kind human being, and deeply insightful.

Lina Cramer, Dick Durning — Evanston, IL
( — Lina has been behind extensive work in Illinois to strengthen children and families. It has been good to be part of that story with her. Dick is such a curious learner. I love being with him, particularly when in their kitchen!

Christy Lee Engel — Seattle, WA
( Christy is Director of Bastyr’s Center for Spirituality, Science, and Medicine. She is one of the best people I know to practice from a perspective of wholeness, in her case, often seen through naturopathic medicine.

Amanda Fenton — New Westminster, British Columbia
( Amanda is a really gifted host. She pays such great attention to harvest. And she can work in a variety of contexts, corporate settings to community groups.deborah

Deborah Frieze — Boston, MA
( Deborah is co-author of Walk Out Walk On. I met her through Berkana work. Deborah was one that had the most influence to see Berkana through a new and important stage in the 2000s. She is really sharp. Really smart. Really thoughtful. Outstanding entrepreneur.

Erin Gilmore — Loveland, CO
( Erin was pastor at a local church in Salt Lake City. She represents to me the best of church ministry. Open. Socially responsible. Committed to a new story and cosmology. Beautiful, beautiful human being.

Tatiana Glad — Amsterdam, Netherlands
( Tatiana is such a powerful entrepreneur. She is cause oriented. A very quick and sharp mind. And a very big heart.

Edgard Gouvier Jr. — Paraty, Brazil
( Edgard is a master. A deep soul. His focus is on change through play. And at very large levels of scale (Play the Call). He is not afraid to speak of love. And when he does, I have seen few people that do not get on board.

Peggy Holman — Bellevue, WA
( Peggy is a gifted writer. She can make sense of a lot of complex things in her books. She is also a lot of fun to host with.

Kathy Jordain — Halifax, Nova Scotia
( Kathy and I met several years ago at an Art of Hosting training. We became instant friends and have remained so.  I love Kathy’s ability to notice from a quiet place what can help people move forward.

Kathleen Masters — New York, NY
( Kathleen and I met recently, in 2012. She is one of the people that I love working with in faith communities. Her mind is playful. Her spirit is inviting. Her vision is admirable.

Ben Mates — Salt Lake City, UT
( Ben is involved in so many good efforts locally in Salt Lake City. We have served on a board together and worked together in several events. Ben’s thinking always deepens the conversations.

Tim Merry — Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
( Tim has inspired me for a long time, since I first met him in early days of From the Four Directions through The Berkana Institute. He is a great systems engager and strategist. And it was Tim that really got me started on dialogue and rap poetry harvests.

Toke Moeller, Monica Nissen — Silkeborg, Denmark
( Toke and Monica are the kind of friends that anyone would want. Toke has been one of the best friends I have known that leads with his presence and kindness. We have travelled many paths together.

Bill Muhr — Chicago, Illinois
( Bill is an outstanding thinker, gifted with a ton of interpersonal and interpersonal insight. I really enjoy the time that we have together to make sense of things in words and in silence. He’s a therapist by training and profession. He knows a lot about hosting groups. Has worked much with faith communities.

Jerry Nagel — Lake Park, MN
( One of the things I love about Jerry is that he can work at big scales. It shows in his life and work. In Minnesota he has helped to take the implementation of The Art of Hosting to thousands of people.Jean

Jean Ogilvie — Ottawa, Ontario
( Jean and I have worked several times together, most recently with the Rural Ontario Institute. I love Jean’s ability to translate from the depths of hosting to the practical of the everyday.

Cathy Remus — Ottawa, Ontario
( Cathy has done outstanding work with CUPE, the Canadian Union of Public Employees. We meet in 2008 when I was helping to work with several union educators. I am inspired, in awe really, each time I hear from Cathy where she and her colleagues have gone with participative leadership and popular education.

Myron Rogers — New Orleans, LA
( It has been many years since I worked with Myron. He was a cofounder of The Berkana Institute. Yet, he is one of those people whose voice remains with me. A voice of clarity. A voice of wisdom.

Tuesday Ryan-Hart — Columbus, OH
( Tuesday and I met through Berkana work. She is such a skilled host and convener. She is in the thick of an impressive story of hosting in the city of Columbus.

Steve Ryman — Nomad
( I love it that Steve has chosen to live a more nomadic life afters years in one place, one public health organization, and one community. He is one of the most sincere people I know. A great mentor and friend.

Beth Sanders — Edmonton, Alberta
( Beth lives and works in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. I met her in 2010. She is one of those people that is a sweet, sweet mix of inspired / imaginative and utterly practical.

Maria Scordiolu — Pelion Pennisula, Greece
( Maria is such an outstanding human being. She has been involved in many large scale change efforts with the European Commission, The Systemic Innovation Zone, The Finance Innovation Labs. She is cofounder of a learning center in Greece that I was able to visit in 2013.abob-left

Bob Stilger — Spokane, WA
( Bob is an old friend since our early work at Berkana. He has worked extensively in Japan. I’m glad to have been a part of that with him. I know Bob as a great entrepreneur. He creates good and useful things and organizations. He stays simple amidst the complex.

Judy Wallace — Fort Collins, CO
( Judy and I share something unique that feels important to me. She is committed to subtle realms of consciousness. In leadership. In human living. Together we have cohosted two events under the title, The Art of Humans Being.

Sarah Whitely — Shaftesbury, England
( One of the things I love about Sarah is that she is committed to sensing the subtle, the invisible, and the less visible. She has committed much time to here writing in the last several years, which I admire.

Steven Wright — Seattle, WA
( Steven is a man of many talents. He knows loads of things. He’s a smart facilitator. Connects ideas so well. And, he is a fantastic graphic recorder.