Below are a few categories of articles written primarily by others (a few of mine are below; the bulk are in My Writings or Field Notes, my blog). Goto Articles are those that I use most often. The remaining are categories of interest.


Goto Articles

Corrigan, Chris
Open Space Technology Overview (
A great overview of what Open Space is, when to use it, and what is needed.

Frieze, Deborah and Margaret Wheatley
From Hero to Host: A Story of Citizenship in Columbus, Ohio (2011, The Berkana Institute)
I got to be in an early part of this story in Columbus. And have remained connected with friends and colleagues. The basic notion of shifting from hero to host is powerful.


Hurley, Tom and Juanita Brown
Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for a Change
(2009, The Systems Thinker)
Tom and Juanita are very thoughtful people. I like their basic model that connects strategic direction to collective, wise action through questions, stakeholder engagement, and social technologies.

Vogt, Eric E., Juanita Brown, and David Isaacs
The Art of Powerful Questions (2003, Whole Systems Associates)
It was Einstein who said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes first on the question.” This article offers practical help to get to good questions.

Wheatley, Margaret and Deborah Frieze
Leadership in the Age of Complexity: From Hero to Host (2010, Resurgence Magazine)
Another good one from Meg and Deborah emphasizing a shift in the fundamental narrative of leadership.

Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale (2006, The Berkana Institute)
This one includes a model that I use all of the time, to move from needed experiments to networks, networks to communities of practice, communities of practices to systems of influence.

The Art of Hosting

Corrigan, Chris, Toke Moeller, Tenneson Woolf, Teresa Posakony, and Peggy Holman
What is the Art of Hosting (2010)
Created for Peggy Holman’s book, Engaging Emergence.

Merry, Tim
Civic Engagement, Practice and Possibility (2013,
Tim offers some really good framing and learnings on civic engagement.

Posakony, Teresa 
Life on an AoH Host Team
A helpful description by Teresa Posakony on what it is like to be on a hosting team. Includes some on structure / flow, how to participate, teaching / learning, and working with participant hosting teams.

Woolf, Tenneson
Guidelines for Calling an Art of Hosting (2010,


A few simple steps and rough timelines

for people considering calling an Art of Hosting event.

Art of Hosting — A Glimpse of the Whole (2009, Blog Post)
Four phases of design that I’ve used in many Art of Hosting trainings.

Knowns of Working in the Art of Hosting Pattern (2009, Blog Post)
As Art of Hosting trainings were beginning to be offered by more people, this was

an important naming of what was happening across events.


Open Space Technology

Corrigan, Chris, Diana Larsen, and Jack Martin Leith
Opening Space for Action; Priority Setting in Open Space; Post Open Space Project Work (

Holman, Peggy and Anne Stadler
Doing an Open Space: A Two Page Primer 
Very concise from two people who know it very well.

Swanson, Jonathon and Sheldon Tetreault
A Model for Aboriginal Facilitation: An Open, Empowering Way to Get to Consensus and Action (Journal of Aboriginal Management)


The World Cafe

Lenzo, Amy
The World Cafe: We Are Wiser Together (2014, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation)
Amy is one of those really wonderful people in the world. She shares here, in interview format, some of what is important and unique about The World Cafe.


Provocative Stuff

Atlee, Tom
Diversity is as Big as the Universe (The Co-Intellignece Institute)
A good piece from Tom that emphasizes diversity as a fundamental property of the universe.

Fenton, Amanda
What is the Collective Story Harvest? (2013,
Amanda collected a few resources to create this. It is a method I am really finding helpful.

Hamilton, Craig
Come Together: Thy Mystery of Collective Intelligence (2004, Enlightenment Press)
I like the emphasis on discovering a depth of wisdom far beyond what is available to invidividuals.

Heifetz, Ronald and Donald L. Laurie
The Work of Leadership: Leaders Do Not Need to Know All the Answers (1997, Harvard Business Review)
I like the emphasis on asking the right questions and the challenge to be adaptive.

Holman, Peggy
Stories for Navigating the Waves of Change (2014, Journalism that Matters Blog)
Peggy offers an overarching story for how journalism is changing, referencing the Berkana 2 Loops model.

Lietaer, Bernard
Beyond Creed and Scarcity (1997, Yes Magazine)
Hard not to be interested in an article on “biggest issues” humanity faces, as seen through the lens of economic systems.

Perkins, David an interview by Abigail Bucuvalas
Studying King Arthur’s Round Table (2003, HGSE News)
Recommended by friend, Diana Durham, a nice piece on organizational intelligence.

Stilger, Bob
Disaster as a Springboard to Thriving, Resilient Communities (2013, SOL)
Bob is a close friend. He has such a deep heart around Japan. This includes the last few years

focussing on thriving community

amidst nuclear meltdown, tsunami, and earthquake.

Fukushima’s Future (2014, Transformation)
More of Bob’s writing from his work in Japan. I love how he is witnessing, without understating, what has happened in Japan. I also love how he is committed to telling the story of transformation and resilience.

Wheatley, Margaret
Supporting Pioneering Leaders as Communities of Practice: How to Rapidly Develop New Leaders in Great Numbers (2002,
This article contains a lot of our work at Berkana on supporting emerging systems.