perhaps the most simple

part of being ready to meet another

is a shared idea

an enough-shared purpose


maybe underneath that

is the very notion

of a shared idea

that it is even possible

to create in delicious together

from strong self


yes a world that has existed forever

yet has been hidden



perhaps these are just stages

needing to be lived

in their own time

through the vessels

we call us


I won’t be managed again

not in love

not in relation

life is in the invitation


I won’t live in assignment

that masks lack of imagination

and remembering

of what together can be

partnership is more vibrant


I won’t live in single view

when so much more exists

beyond the unchallenged assumptions

choice is soooo much more aligned

with the brilliant energy of the universe


those are false boundaries

that I thought I had to live

it turns out

I don’t



Tenneson Woolf, 2010