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Harvest — First Alaskans Art of Hosting

Earlier this month Chris Corrigan, Teresa Posakony, Steven Wright and I teamed up to work with Janie Leask, Liz Medicine Crow, and a bunch of other great people at First Alaskans. Our focus over four days was creating healthy and thriving community. I really appreciate the role First Alaskans plays to convene and catalyze, and in particular to promote and practice together First Alaskans’ values. Richly blessed to be there. I feel a great bunch of new friends and colleagues. I feel a confidence, a wow, in these new friends when I think of the work that they are engaged in. And I am particularly impacted in this journey by the work of practical decolonization as Chris references it. This focus has taken deep root in me and carried with me in a stronger way since being there. I’m paying attention very differently.

Gratitude again for this journey.

Below are a few harvest offerings:

Reshaping Our Community: Flow Game — Dialogue Poem

Anchorage Practitioners: Why Conversation Matters — Dialogue Poem

Photos — Event

Photos — Iditarod, Beluga Point


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