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Harvest — Art of Hosting Stewards

There was so much to enjoy at this gathering. Twenty-four very close friends and colleagues — we’ve travelled a lot of life and work together. The place, Xenia, well-stewarded as a place of beauty and nourishment. It is home to the oldest standing home on Bowen Island, as well as the oldest tree, Opa, at 1,100 years (notice the size of the bench at the lower left). A map of some of the work, offerings, and questions that we are living. Stepping forward of five people, Martin Siesta, Kathy Jourdain, Mary-Alice Arthur, Phil Cass, and Ria Baeck to join with David Stevenson in offering core stewardship. Song. Stillness. A visit from the island’s only bear.

The harvests are starting to come in. Here are a few offerings:

Photos (with thanks to Ria and Mary-Alice for taking a few of these on my camera)

The Mother (poem by Tim Merry)


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