January 11-14, 2011Art of Hosting:
Leading Change through Dialogue, Learning and Action
Calgary, Alberta — Open Enrollment Training
With Sharilyn Amy, Diane MacDonald, John Griffith, Sidney Craig, Doug Marteinson, Monica Pohlmann, Chris Corrigan, Teresa Posakony

January 20, 2011 — Salt Lake City Practitioners Circle 6
Salt Lake City, Utah

January 25-28, 2011Art of Hosting: Getting Our Important Work Done Together
Essex, Massachusetts — Open Enrollment Training
With Deborah Gilburg, Sky Freyss-Cole, Jonathan Gilburg, Carla Kimball, Naava Frank, Ginny Wiley Packer, Teresa Posakony

January 29, 2011 — Collective Leadership Workshop
Portsmouth, New Hampshire — Pilot
With Diana Durham

February 17, 2011 — Salt Lake City Practitioners Circle 7
Salt Lake City, Utah

February 18-28, 2011 — The Transformation of Consciousness
Cornville, Arizona — Intensive Class on Holodynamics

March 7, 2011Utah Valley University, Center for the Advancement of Leadership
Orem, Utah — Master Mind Series: Making a Difference: Building Organic Networks for Change

March 17, 2011 — Salt Lake City Practitioners Circle
Salt Lake City, Utah — Reflective Learning

March 28-30, 2011National Park Service
Seattle, Washington — Organizational Consulting Group Workshop
With Sarah Conlon, Teresa Posakony, Steven Wright

April 8-17, 2011 — Spring Break with Kids, Family
Palm Desert, Newport Beach, California

April 21, 2011 — Salt Lake City Practitioners Circle
Salt Lake City, Utah

April 23, 2011 — Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community
Salt Lake City, Utah — Appreciative Inquiry & Quantum Leadership Workshop
With Ben Mates

May 4-5, 20115th Leadership Conference – Conversation as Leadership
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — Conference Theme Weaving
With Karen Hayward, Cheryl DeVilliers, Shannon Floer

May 10-17, 2011Intuitive Intelligence Training
Near Bristol, UK

May 27-31, 2011
Edmonton, Alberta — Family Visit

June 1-2, 2011
Seattle, Washington

June 9-11, 2011 — United Church of Christ
Salt Lake City, Utah — Annual Rocky Mountain Conference
With Tom Rehling, Glen Brown, Erin Gilmore

June 25 – July 1, 2011 — Four Winds
Tanglewood, Massachusetts — Energy Medicine Training

July 10-22, 2011
Fairmont, British Columbia — Family Vacation

September 19-22, 2011The Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter: Leading Thoughtful Collaboration and Wise Action
Lumsden, Saskatchewan — Open Enrollment Training
WIth Trevor Maber, Dolo Wollbaum, Tahirih North, Chris Corrigan, Teresa Posakony

October 23-26, 2011The Art of Hosting: Supporting Self-Organization, Community Resilience, and Participatory Leadership
Bowen Island, British Columbia — Open Enrollment Training
With Caitlin Frost, Chris Corrigan, Teresa Posakony

November 4-6, 2011 — The Art of Collaborative Leadership
Moncton, New Brunswick — Open Enrollment Training
With Kathy Jourdain, Sophia Horwitz, Amanda Hachey

November 13-16, 2011Hosting Our Evolution: Calling and Holding a Deep Field for the Emergence of Collective Wisdom
Pembroke, Ontario — Open Enrollment Training and Deep Dive
WIth Jean Ogilvie, Jane Lindsay, Kathleen Connelly, Chris Corrigan

November 17-18, 2011Developing Partnerships in the Workplace: Fundamentals for Participative Leadership
Ottawa, Ontario — Open Enrollment Training
WIth Jean Ogilvie, Jane Lindsay, Kathleen Connelly, Chris Corrigan

November 29, 2011 — Walk Out Walk On
Salt Lake City, Utah — Community Engagement Night
With Margaret Wheatley

December 3-7, 2011 — Realization and Medication Workshop
Seattle, Washington — Workshop by Judith Blackstone

December 21-27, 2011
Lindon, Utah — Holiday Break & End of Year Reflections

December 28, 2011 – January 2, 2012
Mt. Hood, Oregon — Holiday Break & End of Year Reflections