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Human to Human is a daily blog, Monday through Thursday, on which I post current learnings (taking sporadic weeks off to write longer pieces or to rest). Posts are 300-500 words, often with photos, intended to be read in five minutes and inspire reflection, individually and communally, on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth.

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Invitation — Women Circle on Local Food

An invitation I like that came from Maggie Wright. I love the simplicity. An invitation to gather. Naming it’s existing forms. Naming purpose of local food.

Dear You,

I want to invite you to join in an experiment. This experiment has been going on for thousands of years in many cultures, and is alive today in so many forms in… Continue reading

Reflections on Invitation

A nice little piece here from Chris Corrigan that we are including in a workbook for an open-enrollment training. Chris speaks something very important here for me. I have noticed in many events that there is a tendancy to think of the invitation as a checklist item. “Just get it done so that we can get on with planning an… Continue reading

GMJF — Makin’ it Great

From a recent gathering in Florida with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. This was one harvest from an afternoon cafe on making GMJF a great place to work.

Rap / Poem from GMJF Staff Retreat
Stories of Great. Stories of Challenge.
Suggestions for the Next Year at GMJF
September 2008

GMJF – makin’ it great. Makin’ it rate.
What’s your… Continue reading

Deep Engagement, Deep Expertise — From Irrigating to Making Rain

I’m in a conversation now with several colleagues about shifting the model for designing large conferences. There is the lovely group of IONS, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, that offers biannual gatherings that seem to attract 1,000 or so participants. There is another lovely group, the Disciples of Christ, that convenes annually for general assembly, a group I’m… Continue reading