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Human to Human is a daily blog, Monday through Thursday, on which I post current learnings (taking sporadic weeks off to write longer pieces or to rest). Posts are 300-500 words, often with photos, intended to be read in five minutes and inspire reflection, individually and communally, on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth.

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The Turtle — Mary Oliver

The Turtle


breaks from the blue-black

skin of the water, dragging her shell

with its mossy scutes

across the shallows and through the rushes

and over the mudflats, to the uprise,

to the yellow sand,

to dig with her ungainly feet

a nest, and hunker there spewing

her white eggs down

into the darkness, and you think

of her… Continue reading

Art of Hosting — Seeing Brilliance

From colleague and hosting mate, Tim Merry…

Last year Jon Guilbert, a documentary film maker joined us at the Shire for the Stewards gathering. He had taken part in the Boston AoH and was excited to explore a documentary around the AoH – following my story and relationships as a way to make the web of people and work visible.… Continue reading

SLCEC — Workshops

Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community
2009 Calendar of Events and Workshops

SLCEC trainings are meant to enrich and build leadership capacity and to foster healthy vibrant communities in the Salt Lake Valley and beyond. These workshops support growth and change in our friends, team members, our communities and ourselves by offering methods for facilitating open dialog, community engagement and… Continue reading

Art of the Start — Harrison Owen

I suppose I am a high context person. I really love simple framings of big picture and purpose. I love them because they aren’t formula. The best that I see or offer are invitation to show up in the framing and purpose and offer the gift of our seeing in that. Sometimes to explore. Sometimes to do particular work in… Continue reading