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  • "We humans can choose identity — and set in motion irrepressible organizing around that choice of identity."
  • Without "check-in" it's hard for people to show up and be more attentive together — more distracted, less connected.

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Human to Human is a daily blog, Monday through Thursday, on which I post current learnings (taking sporadic weeks off to write longer pieces or to rest). Posts are 300-500 words, often with photos, intended to be read in five minutes and inspire reflection, individually and communally, on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth.

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Working Together — David Whyte

Thanks Bill Muhr, for reminding me of this poem last week. David Whyte, as he usually does, highlights this relationship between the visible and invisible, which I found myself thinking about much on the weekend.



We shape our self
to fit this world

and by the world
are shaped again.

The visible
and the invisible

working together… Continue reading

Fluent Like Thunder

Over the last five years I have worked with many people from faith communities. Some of it large scale — helping to design and host annual or quadrennial meetings. Some of it wide scale — shifting culture to participation or piloting a learning cohort. Some of it everyday — supporting clergy and lay leaders in discernment and remembering to be… Continue reading

On The Myth of Managing Culture Change

One, I love challenging myths. It’s fascinating to me to see how an idea, once fuzzy and only one of many choices, can become calcified in certainty and encrusted as habit and insulated truth. Whether that’s simple stuff like cutting the ends off the roast, as Grandma always did (aha, to make it fit in the pan), or more… Continue reading

Presence First

It was many years ago now that I asked my good friend and colleague Toke Moeller, “If you had one tool, what would that be?” We had just completed an Art of Hosting, the first in North America, helping to further encourage the body of work that is participative leadership. We were at the Marsh House at the Aldermarsh property… Continue reading