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Human to Human is a daily blog, Monday through Thursday, on which I post current learnings (taking sporadic weeks off to write longer pieces or to rest). Posts are 300-500 words, often with photos, intended to be read in five minutes and inspire reflection, individually and communally, on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth.

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Two Questions to Guide Purpose and Practice

I love these daffodils. Growing in my yard. In Spring. I love them every year, perhaps for the way they awaken a sense of life in me. Little tending required. Much life offered. Oh, I’m so glad for these to balance the day’s virus news.

I found out last week that the platform that holds my current website will be… Continue reading

A Wabi Sabi Life

If you haven’t found Katharine Weinmann’s blog yet, I’m sure enjoying it. I know Katharine from years of work with The Circle Way. We were on the board together for years, often finding insight, wonder, and sometimes grief together. She also lives in my home town of Edmonton, Alberta — though I didn’t know here when I lived there. … Continue reading

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