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Human to Human is a daily blog, Monday through Thursday, on which I post current learnings (taking sporadic weeks off to write longer pieces or to rest). Posts are 300-500 words, often with photos, intended to be read in five minutes and inspire reflection, individually and communally, on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth.

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Just Like I’m Writing Now — Thanks Patricia Raybon

In my living room area is a 5 foot by 5 foot window looking out into a shared communal yard of the small town-home complex that I live at. Or live in. Next to this window, on the inside, is an old refurbished recliner chair. It’s faux leather with distressed mission style wood slats under the arms. It’s distressed, not… Continue reading


Every couple of months it seems that I find myself revisiting some of the most simple narratives I can find about the work I do and the life I live. Every couple of months it seems I find myself re-digging further into re-understanding and being with groups.

It gets complicated doesn’t it. Family. Community. Work. Self. Nation. Globe. Politics. Climate… Continue reading

Not Mine, But Ours

For those relaxing a bit more into the thing behind the thing behind the thing, when it comes to circle.

This work is not hard
but it is focussed.

Living as circle is a way of being.
It brings us into a requisite vibration
such that we can now be in relationship
to the heartbeat not mine, but ours

to… Continue reading

Return to Wholeness

I’ve been thinking for a while now. Oh oh.

About this movement a foot for many years now (and arguably never gone from poetry over the centuries) that points us humans to the fundamental awareness of wholeness.

I’ve given reasonable attention to a few practices over the years. Some of it more therapeutic in nature. Some of it more meditation… Continue reading

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