Meeting Design & Facilitation

For many years, I looked for words that could describe what I do. Simple enough to get it. And yet honest enough to reflect the depth of what is happening.

Meeting design and facilitation is what

most people will see when I work with them.

I am a facilitator. I design meetings. I coach people on designing their meetings. To help people be smart together. To make good choices. To help them get energy behind what they care about. In board meetings. Working with teams. In networks beginning to come to life. In large  conference design.


Strategic Visioning

Open Arms

Some of the work that I do is strategic visioning. Creating the conditions for people to think innovatively together. It is less about the details of strategic planning. It is more about helping people touch their core of purpose in response to needs. There is an African proverb that I like to reference: “If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.” Strategic visioning is about getting to the strategy that people in a system can stand behind. I do this with stakeholder engagement initiatives, community movements, change programs.


Participative Leadership

All of the work I do is from a participative format. Helping people to engage with each other. Many times my friend and colleague Margaret Wheatley taught me an important perspective.

“Who we are together

is always different and more

that who we are alone.”

And my partner Teresa Posakony has also taught me something about this approach. “I don’t know, but we do.” Both of these teachings point to the need for process methodologies that help groups of people be together in good ways. I use a lot of Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Circle, and other innovative ways for people to listen well together and to share their stories. Telling stories and asking questions with each other — these are two primary learning strategies.