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Inside Fukushima: Bob Stilger Notes in Japan

This morning I am reading some of the writings of my good friend Bob Stilger. Bob and I met working together at Berkana, sometime in the late 90s. He is a bear of a man, large in stature. He has a bear of a heart also, a big heart, one of the kindest people I know. Wrap that in keen insightfulness now and you start to get a picture of Bob.

The last three years, Bob’s writings have often been about Japan. He has been living and working in Japan about half of the time for this period. He has had a 40 year relationship with Japan, the land, and adopted family.

I am stunned by his writing this morning. It is about the graveness of situation within damaged nuclear sites. The danger to Japan’s people in the region, the country, and the global community.

What can we humans do? I don’t know from a technical side. And I hope, pray that the best of technology will be applied to help. From a social side, it is what Bob and others I know in Japan are doing. Turing to One Another. In dialogue. To release their grief. To feed their dreams. To be really honest with each other.

Please read this. And the link to Harvey Wasserman’s article.



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